DoLovely Logo!

I recently installed adobe illustrator on my comp, so grateful that 1 CS5 license is good for 2 computers AND my school has free tutorials that I still have access to! So I have been loading up on tutorials the past couple days, hence the lack of posts. Now i gladly present you with my very first logo!

I hope you enjoy!

Do… The Impossible? Day One!

Okay, so it looks like my 30-day challenge hasn’t been consecutive days… it will be more like a 30-project challenge ;) Here goes project #1.

So you know how I mentioned earlier that my sister-in-law had a sewing.embroidery machine? She got that when I was visiting her and my brother in Virginia. And we went fabric/sewing/project crazy! We went to Joann’s Fabric so much that the employees started recognizing us… hee hee!

In our scavengers I found a fabric I HAD to have!

Fanciful Fabric!

I don’t know why but this fabric reminds me of Priscilla Ahn’s song Dream. **Sigh** I love that song! When I saw it I had no project in mind… but I thought of one!

I love journalling! I have done it for a while now… but I have learned I that I abuse my journals. I take them everywhere in anticipation of some inspiration and for when I squeeze in some reflection.

This little guy has been everywhere with me; through my last semester of college, back and forth from Cali and AZ, the middle east, the near east (Virginia, DC, NJ, NY, CN, MA) and of course my inmost thoughts.  These journey’s have definitely had a wear and tear on my dear journal. Which led me to think what kind of journal would be sturdier?… One covered in fabric!


  • Composition book
  • Under-layer fabric
  • Fabric  of choice (Fanciful fabric)
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • Button

The process.

Finished product!

Mr. Big likes it! If you like it,  you can purchase one on my Etsy store! (I already got a request for a custom notebook from friend and founder of local non-profit of Philter).

I DoLovely – Engagement pictures!

I said YES!!!!

I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend… and soon to be husband!

He had a few more days of work off than expected and so we traversed the country and went to San Diego to see his family and my family drove out to see us. My everso lovely and talented sister of SnapLovely took AMAZING pictures of me and Niko! I loved them all but here are some of my faves!

EatLovely – Outstanding in the Field

Just discovered an awesome nation-wide movement/event put on by Outstanding in the Field. There goal is to reconnect the diners to the earth that their food comes from, by putting on a dinner made with all local ingredients in a beautiful landscape. What a glorious and lovely restaurant without walls.

I would LOVE to go to one of these events! I am definitley putting this on my to do-lovely list!

Visit Outstanding in the Field for more photos and info!

Do… TheImpossible? A 30-day Challenge

I think I am getting a case of the spring cleaning fever…. Yesterday, after getting back from a 3 month voyage (from here to the far-east, to the nearer east, to california sun) I decided I could live without a lot of my clothes and the falling apart suitcase that barely made it through my journey.

So… I decided I must tackle… dun, dun, dun…. the craft closet. I am not allowing myself to put anything else in there until I take some things out.

So I am setting my self a goal of completing a craft a day for the next 30 days! Impossible? I think not… Well, at least I hope not! Day one begins tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


My dear sweet hubby-to-be let me borrow his Cannon D-1!! He is an excellent photographer… just look at his site!

I am soooo excited to relearn the photography ropes… or shall I say settings?! The last time i took a photography class was junior year of high school…. so bear with me in this learning process!

The sleeping dragon!

In addition to carefully reading the manual, i will be taking notes from another esteemed photographer near and dear to me, my sister Betsy owner of SnapLovely. Hopefully you will see an improvement in my photo-taking skillz in the next couple months!

BikeLovely Virginia

For our last full day together in Virginia, my fiancé and I decided to take advantage of the lovely bike trails in the Northern Virginia/DC area. If you live in the DC area and haven’t taken advantage of them… it is a worthwhile investment of time!  The path we took went from Bluemont Park to the Potomac via the W & OD trail and the Mt. Vernon trail… check it out on the map.

Being from the desert, I get over excited about the little things I saw along the way, see below. Although this might not be the prettiest season in Virginia… I found the scenery lovely!

Lovely things my eyes delighted included:

1. Vines growing on trees

2. Moss. I find it so whimsical.

3. Little leaves springing out in a brilliant red.

4. Greenery bursting from between a concrete wall and the bike path

5. Yellow bush… A wonderful burst of yellow brightened the bike path.

6. White washed brick house. I never really liked white wash… but here it seems so romantic!

7. A rusty overpass

8. And, of course my hubby-to-be!

Itching for a lovely outing? BikeLovely!

Celebrate Lovely- Happy Birthday Annie!


Bread to go!

I am so blessed to be marrying into a lovely family! My grandma-to-be is such a hoot…. I love her! She is a deal shopper extraordinaire.

If there are leftovers at a restaurant she always wants to take them. She’ll even take some bread from those never ending baskets and sneak them away in her purse. Last week when Niko and I had left over bread after eating out, I took some in honor of Annie!

She is 89 and still kickin, literally… I can just imagine her getting real excited about something and kicking with joy. Some things that excite her are cookies and ice cream… She figures she has gotten this far; she can eat ice cream for breakfast if she wants! So in commemoration of her 89th, I made her lovely dish towels with…. You guessed it! Cookies and ice cream.

And I couldn’t pass up taking advantage of my sister-in-laws new sewing/embroidery machine, so embroidered ice cream and cookie, sorvete and biscoito, in Portuguese! I hope she likes ‘em! Here’s to celebrating the lovely Annie, my wonderful grandma-to-be!

*For more lovely dish towels check out more at BeWhatWeLove, my sister-in-laws etsy store. Her and I have been happily collaborating on decorated and embroidered dish towels!

Hello world!

So nice to meet you blogsphere! I am Meg Hawley… soon to be Meg Schatz. I write you from Northside Social, a super cute coffee shop/wine bar in Arlington, Virginia, as my hubby-to-be sits across from me finishing his last year of college. He is getting a bachelors in Aeronautical Science online, in addition to working full time as a contract pilot. Yes, my dream is coming to fruition. As cliche as it is, I am one of those girls who wrote a list of requirements for my future husband, and yes Niko Schatz fits all of them… and more!  When writing the list at 18, I thought it would be a bit capricious to write that my husband must be a pilot, thus I omitted it. Nevertheless, God new the desires of my heart and blessed me with an amazing man… that happens to be a pliot! I am so excited for this new adventure and eager to share how our story and dreams unfold.

So why DoLovely? Jumping on the DIY/homemade band wagon, I to embrace the trend of producing rather than just consuming! There are so many lovely things in the world and so many more lovely things still to be created, whether crafts, homemade meals, wedding plans, travel plans, anything and everything. Even if the lovely things I do, make, live, eat or appreciate aren’t seen by others, there is so much joy and value in being able to create something from  your own hands and own mind in my own virtual space! So I look forward to finding my voice and sharing what I find to be lovely!